We are a 501(c)(3) non profit, Est. 9/2021

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our mission statement:

Supporting the Supplementary Needs of Children in Care

At Ride Life Cares Inc., we are deeply committed to filling the crucial gaps in the support system for children that are currently in care due to abuse, neglect or abandonment (or have been previously). While state and other organizations address primary needs, we recognize the importance of supplementary aspects that significantly impact the quality of life and development of these children. Our focus extends to providing for those needs that arise unexpectedly and are often overlooked due to systemic delays or limitations. Here’s how we plan to make a difference:

  • Community Fundraising and Donation Drives: Ride Life Cares Inc. will organize community fundraising events and donation drives to gather both monetary support and essential items like diapers, school supplies, and sports equipment. Our social media platforms and local community networks will play a key role in amplifying these efforts as they expand.
  • Partnerships for Progress: We aim to forge partnerships with local businesses, sports clubs, and educational institutions. These collaborations will focus on securing sponsorships or discounted rates for children in our care, facilitating access to a range of activities and classes.
  • Building a Volunteer Community: Our network of dedicated volunteers will be the backbone of our organization, assisting in event organization, donation collection, and distribution. Volunteers with specific skills, such as coaching or tutoring, will be invaluable in providing direct support to the children.  We would also be grateful for the time and talents of those with social media marketing experience.
  • Grant Acquisition: Ride Life Cares Inc. will actively seek grants from foundations and government programs that align with child welfare and development. These funds will be crucial in covering costs associated with activities, fees, and uniforms. 
  • Awareness and Advocacy Campaigns: We are committed to raising awareness about the additional needs of children in care. By educating the public and highlighting the challenges these children face, we aim to garner broader support and understanding.
  • Emergency Response Fund: To address immediate and unforeseen needs, such as urgent diaper requirements or last-minute school supplies, we will establish and maintain an emergency fund, supported through donations and fundraising activities.
  • Community Engagement and Involvement: Regular community events and programs will be a core aspect of our operation, ranging from holiday gift drives to back-to-school supply collections, ensuring that children in care feel supported by their wider community.  While there are other organizations that assist in similar ways, we are able to handle many needs quickly and concisely when time is of the essence.  

Through these initiatives, Ride Life Cares Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that children in care receive not just their basic necessities, but also the opportunities and experiences that foster happiness, normalcy, and holistic development.


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Are you a 501(c)(3) non profit?

Yes! We are a 501(c)(3) non profit, Est. 9/2021.

We strive to provide what is needed to kids currently or previously involved in the family court system due to abuse or neglect.

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